Brewing Ambition

Brewing today is a vibrant and flourishing sector; a dynamic ecosystem bringing together tradition and invention in a careful balance that engages and uplifts communities.

Brewing Ambition is a unique series, presented by The Brewers of Europe and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions. The series documents just part of the contribution made by brewing to European culture, society and the economy, looking at each stage of the beer supply chain through the people at its heart.

Through a set of beautiful short films and engaging multimedia content, Brewing Ambition aims to highlight how European brewing, already an integral part of the continent’s social fabric, is working hard to make a positive transformation at this critical juncture.

The Brewers of Europe facilitated the outreach to national brewers’ associations, their member breweries and shared existing case studies. The stories have been funded by featured companies and produced for them by BBC StoryWorks.

Celebrating some of the heritage, innovation, sustainability efforts and social diversity in European beermaking, the series is just a snapshot of the multitude of stories about the role played by beer and brewing across the continent.

 The Brewers of Europe

Uniting 29 national associations, The Brewers of Europe provides a voice in Brussels to promote beer and represent the interests of Europe’s 10,000+ breweries.
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 BBC Storyworks

BBC StoryWorks is the content studio of BBC Global News. Building on its century-long pedigree as the world’s most trusted storytellers, BBC StoryWorks works with brands to create beautifully crafted stories that move and inspire curious minds, across platforms and across the globe.
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